Work & Class

There’s a tasty new gem in RiNo, and its name is Work & Class. We arrived promptly at 4:30 on that first visit to get a taste of what many Denverites have been calling the best happy hour in town. From that first visit early on, to the many subsequent visits, I’m happy to say it just keeps getting better.

And that I love everything about it. 


Warm might be the most surprising of all for me. Having walked by the building composed of shipping containers numerous times during construction, I was expecting a very industrial feel. Loud, metal, hollow and cold. What I was met with instead was a wonderfully inviting space, warm, cozy but not stuffy and filled with a golden afternoon sunshine only Colorado can deliver.

We decided to sit at the chef’s counter, my favorite spot in nearly every establishment. Immediately we were greeted by Chef and co-owner Dana Rodriguez and her team. Smiling, focused, warm, happy and ready to cook. Co-owner Tony Maciag came by next to say hello. Warm, smiling, focused, happy and ready to serve. On a more recent visit I was greeted by the lovely Delores Tronco, co-owner alongside Tony and Dana. Smiling, warm, focused and happy.

The menu is smart and simple in both design and its offerings. Sides, proteins, salads and desserts are all available in different portion sizes, perfectly accommodating a solo diner, a large group or an intimate dinner for two. We started with the happy hour, and worked our way through dinner. My favorites by far are the peppers five ways, the chickpea croquettes, and the Buffalo roasted chicken. Finish it up with the butterscotch pudding in a Ball jar and off you go. Bliss.

Chef Dana Rodriguez and her team at Work & Class.

Chef Dana Rodriguez and her team at Work & Class.

Tip: Happy Hour is fantastic, but get there early as the small space fills up quickly and they don’t accept reservations.

2500 Larimer Street, (303) 292-0700 



I’m feeling fortunate. Life is rolling along at a fantastic pace, there’s beauty everywhere, and I’m surrounded by wonderfully creative friends that are constantly drumming up new ideas and launching them into the world. Today is no exception, as my morning was made a bit brighter with an invitation to Cinetrackr.

Built by the dynamic duo and pro film buffs @emazo and @sprouticus, Cinetrackr is a super fun and easy way to track your movie adventures, keep a record of what you’ve seen, discover new showings,  provide a brief commentary on your movie experience with a rating, and share with your fellow film fanatics. All from your smartphone.

@Sprouticus, or Lesley Yarbrough, or Sprout as I know her, is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever known when it comes to movies. She can quote a million different films, can name even the most obscure directors without batting an eye, and has the most incredible media collection in her home that I’ve ever laid eyes on. We’re talking laserdiscs, people. In their original packaging. This year I will be watching The Academy Awards alongside Sprout, Christopher and their media collection. I am honored, and excited to be privy to the commentary on everything I’ve ever wanted to know about every single film that was ever created.

@Emazo, or Christopher Yarbrough, or Christopher as I know him, is a bad ass web developer and designer and film aficionado. He’s been hard at work building Cinetrackr and has been ever so patient with my alpha invite demands requests.

Together, they’ve built what I believe to be the best movie sharing app out there. Give it a spin and see what you think. Even in its alpha, I’m going to bet you’ll have:

“Rather Enjoyed It”


Trader Joe's Denver

It’s here. After what seemed like an eternity’s worth of waiting, Trader Joe’s has launched in Colorado, with three locations open yesterday, two in Denver and one in Boulder. The lines formed early (6 am!) and were long, but that didn’t stop me from making a trek with my sweetie to the Colorado Blvd. location in search of my favorite mini peanut butter cups. Is there a better way to round out Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so. Here are a few audio bits captured along the way that I thought might be fun to share.

Overall, the line was long, (the booze shop next door looked even crazier, I didn’t even attempt that section) the traffic a bit crazy and they were sold out of my mini peanut butter cups, but that didn’t really matter. Folks were in good spirits, the employees offered big smiles even at the closing hour, and Patio and I had fun reminiscing and searching for our favorites. I am happy to have Trader Joe’s back in my world.

Welcome to Denver!

Trader Joe’s Denver Grocery, 750 N Colorado Blvd, 303-321-1003
Trader Joe’s Denver Wine, 790 N Colorado Blvd, 303-321-3245
Trader Joe’s Greenwood Village, 5910 S University Blvd, Suite E1, 303-730-3848


Muse: Champion of Thanks

“I have a thank you problem” – Patio  If you know anything about my husband, Patio, you know he’s one of the most sincerely thankful and appreciative fellows around. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my husband, or because it’s Valentine’s Day. I am saying that because it’s the truth. What does it […]

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Muse: Props to 2013

Now that 2014 is rolling strong, let us not forget what made 2013 a better year. Here’s some top picks from me and Ryan at Denver Business Podcast that we felt were worthy of a share. Random tastes, tech, sights, sounds, spaces that made last year more vibrant and delightful.  Most of them simple, local and easily […]

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Taste: Quiche

I am a big believer in the ‘once a week dish that uses up everything in your fridge’. Growing up I remember my dad throwing just about anything into the sauce pot once a week on spaghetti night. It’s a challenge of sorts to use up all the remaining produce and random bits from the […]

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Muse: Remembering Her

I remember rummaging through the nightstand in search of one of those tiny little pills my friend had given me. I remember looking down at my tan feet, thinking how impossible it was that just hours ago they were dancing in the sand and sea. I remember staring blindly into the closet of borrowed black clothing […]

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Taste: Our Mutual Friend

Just a quick note. I was hanging out at OMF on Tuesday to collect my third glass in their ‘Keep the Glass’ artist series, and was treated to a preview of their soon to be released Barley Wine. While I am not a diehard beer lover, I do love me some barley wine, and this is […]

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Make: IFTF Launches Maker Cities: SynchroniCity

This morning, the creative dynamos behind Institute For The Future  launched Maker Cities, a new multiplayer game that allows you to share your ideas for building your future city. Imagine your city in 2025, and the ideas, platforms, places, spaces and makers that make it tick. Accept the SynchroniCity Challenge and submit your ideas for […]

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Make: Out of Order Features RiNo

Out of Order, a Colorado documentary series on PBS has been featuring some of the best makers, shakers and tastes found in RiNo. It’s a fantastic series that beautifully illustrates why I love living here. One of my favorite episodes, titled: Eat, Drink and Be RiNo, features some favorites including Crema, Infinite Monkey Theorem, The […]

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